American Ramen Pelican
American Ramen Pelican

American Ramen Pelican

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Limited edition giclee print of an original watercolor painting, "American Ramen Pelican" The original painting is 9x12, and the 12th in the "Guide to American Beach Birds" series.

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This pelican art print is available in sizes 5 x 7, 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 (approximately). The sizes vary slightly based on the original size of the artwork. There is a white border around the print, making framing easy. Each print is printed on high quality bamboo photo paper in archival inks and signed, dated, and numbered by me. Print will come with a certificate of authenticity.

The Story of Guide to American Beach Birds

The Guide to American Beach Birds series was born of the memories of a weird, three-year period where my Dad got back with his first wife (the one before my mum, and susequently, the one after my mum). The weekends we stayed with her (the first wife) brought forward a whole new world to me. Formerly the resident of a cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere, I was introduced to the California coast. The sand, the sea air, the brutal freezing waves that pummeled me down, the cackling seagulls, who I am absolutely positive were laughing at me. And that brings us to the seagulls.

I will never forget that first exhilarating moment when I fed a seagull a French fry for the first time. Was it going to bite of my finger? Being so close to such a majestic wild animal blew my ten-year-old brain. And then of course, afterwards, there was the crazy, frenzied attack, and there went all of my French fries. Worth it? Hell yeah! Regrets? None.

I may have done this with various foods over the next three years, sometimes on purpose, but often accidentally. Seagulls are gluttonous kleptomaniacs after all. And yes, as an adult, I know it is not good to feed French fries to wildlife, so refrain from doing so. However, they do not refrain from dive bombing me and taking it anyways, but that’s not my fault. And who can blame them? They are quite relatable after all. Seagulls, that is. I feel that way about french-fries all the time, don’t you?